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Oh...The Good Old Days [Sep12'2006 04:30PM]
[ mood | pleased ]

So I was going through an old forum I used to always go to [Media Blvd] ...and I start searching for my old posts [because I had nothing better to do]. And I came across an old post of mine. Completely blew me away how such a good writer/reporter I was. It's funny cause these days I find writing a perfect sentence, let alone a whole review would take forever!

[Editors note: This post dates back to Oct 26 2004]

Class of 2004

Well, here's my personal review on this season. I just thought of it since i was so bored and don't what else to post. So...umm...well...be sure to read it and maybe make ur own review or something eh?

The Graduates

The best this season

Michael Schumacher
I personally don't know what to say about this guy. He's like simply the 'perfect driver'. I mean, he totally ruled this season scoring 8 pole positions and 13 victories. Not only that, he keep smashing into the record books breaking his own record! What else does he have to do to prove that he is 'the best'?

Rubens Barrichello
I feel totally sorry for Rubinho. He is a great driver. But it's only the fact that whatever he does for Ferrari, either victories or etc. he is still overshadowed by Michael.

Jenson Button
Jense has totally been one of my favorites this year. He's like form a zero to a hero! Not that i'm saying he was a bad driver before, what i meant is that he has changed from being a....'just okay' driver to one of the best drivers this season. Now he's like everywhere! It's like you see him up on the podium every other week!

Juan Pablo Montoya
He was fantastic last year, but this year he's a bit...umm...well...he's getting really boring. Maybe it's because the young guns such as Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso has been stealing the spotlight form him lately? I don't know. But i really think it was sweet of him to win the last race this year for Williams as an appreciation gift. Why didn't Ralf thought of that too huh?

Fernando Alonso
I have to say Fernando had a few 'almost victory' attempts this year but it all didn't work out. Remember Spa? He was there, in front of Raikkonen and he blew it off! He's just trying too hard i guess. But there's always next year for him. 4th in the championship isn't bad though...hmm...isn't that what he got last year too? I forgot...sorry...

Kimi Räikkönen
It has been a tough season for Kimi. I mean, remember how his engines keep blowing up at the first half of the season? It's a total nightmare, i know! But he made a major comeback on the second half of the season when he actually won the Belgium GP. All thanks to the MP4-19B, McLaren's "It's not a new car" new car. It's okay, there's still next season Kimi!

The Consistent drivers

Jarno Trulli
I can't believe Renault kick out Jarno Trulli! Even after his maiden victory in Monaco? I'll totally understand if Trulli was out of Renault like at the end of the season, well that's what normally happens to other drivers right? But with only 2 races left? Why oh why? Is this Flavio's fault? I don't know...maybe someone should explain to me what 'trulli' happened!

Takuma Sato
Sato has been really impressive this year. Not as impressive as Jense though, but who really cares about that right?

Giancarlo Fisichella
He may not be up there on the podium, but he has scored some pretty decent points for Sauber this season. Maybe luck could change for him next season since he had already signed a contract to drive for Renault.

Just trying too hard

Ralf Schumacher
Haven't seen much action from him this year. Hmm...accept for his clumsy overtaking attempts (which usually knocks someone out of the race or sometimes even himself) and not forgetting that spectacular crash at the United States GP of course!

Felipe Massa
Massa's driving to me is a bit weird...it's totally the opposite from everyone else. Throwing and sliding his car through different appex on every corner of every lap and generally over-driving makes him go faster, but driving smoothly without making major errors or mistakes makes him go slower. Hmm...isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Underrated drivers

Nick Heidfeld
Could this season get any worst for Nick? After his contract expired with Sauber last year, he had no choice but to drive for Jordan for free. And now he's stuck driving a slow car and that makes him a slow driver. Maybe if he was in the top teams his talents could shine through.

Mark Webber
Thank god Mark is driving for Williams next year. Now that he is in a top team, he can definately start to battle with the likes of Schumi, Monty, Jense and Kimi rather than being stuck behind with the Jordans, Minardis and Toyotas.

Not getting any better

Christian Klien
It's sad that we all might not see him in Formula 1 next year. You know...with Ford pulling out of F1, Christian might not have a contract next year. I hope that some wealthy rich guy would save Jaguar though, i can't imagine not seeing the green cars next year.

Olivier Panis
(no comment)

Ricardo Zonta
(no comment)

Cristiano Da Matta
(no comment)

Jacques Villeneuve
Hopefully he doesn't repeat his clumsy moments like last year. They even gave him the nick name 'the spinning Villeneuve'!

Timo Glock
(no comment)

Giorgio Pantano
Where has he been?

Gianmaria Bruni
(no comment)

Zsolt Baumgartner
(no comment)


My thoughts?... About my Felipe Massa comments, "Throwing and sliding his car through different appex on every corner of every lap and generally over-driving makes him go faster" wtf? Where did i found those words?? And who the fuck is Giorgio Pantano? Where the fuck did he go?


daydream drama [Jun29'2006 05:36PM]
[ mood | okay ]

ahh...what a boring start to the day. so i thought today i'd finally sit my ass down and actually write something on this journal. it's always been the same for me every single day to check out what's new on myspace (not like anyone even bother to send me anything), then stop by the tennis boards for daily updates and then....daydream? yes, daydream. my latest dream...well it's about the fictional me and fernando torres, haha, i know i know, have i finally call it quits with poor richi? let's just say he's on a long long vacation, and he'll be back...eventually or at least until he gets his act back together. right back to torres, so here's the story: 

fernando's first love is young girl he has known for a long time (namely, me). we knew each other since we live in the same neighborhood and belong to the same group of friends. in fact, i get along very well with the whole torres family, including his grandma (haha!).

i basically based this whole fiction on this quote by torres himself:

Just after I turned eight my parents bought a house in Estorde, in Galicia. Although at first this might not seem so important, it turned out to be because it was there that I met the girl who ended up being my girlfriend, Olalla. Apart from that, that time in my life was important because I made friends with a group of people who are still my friends today.

i don't see myself as the stereotypical WAGs in this situation actually. more modest and reserved perhaps. and oh just a reminder i'm 18 in this fiction, just to make it legal for us to...well you know what i mean.

and just to set in the mood, here's how my character look (haha cheesy) i wanted her...well me to look believable.
[Edit: Ok, so i completely changed my mind on the girl playing me...]


Dmitry's blog [May05'2006 02:51PM]
[ mood | amused ]

Dmitry, please you crack me up. You've definitely gained yourself a fan. Thanks for making my week! 

"By the way, fans don't realize how much time tennis players spend online. Dinara probably has ever song on the planet into her laptop. Marat downloads so many movies it feels like he is planning to open Blockbuster Video in Moscow. Gael Monfils is nuts over MSN. A couple of days ago he was sitting in the lobby and, I'm not kidding, talking on six MSN Windows at the same time. The guy is like Neo in Matrix. He has no idea what he is writing anymore or who he is writing to. He just puts "lol" and moves on to the next window. The girl is probably telling him that her kittens died and he just says, "lol." At the same time he is listening to Bow Wow and tries to sing along. The funniest stuff on Earth. A French dude is trying to rap! Impossible to watch without a condescending smile!"


The Travelling Troll ;P [May04'2006 05:34PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Look at what made me smile ;p

Thanks to lanternsonlakes


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